Millet Rice Milk Jelly with Mung Beans

Millet Rice Milk Jelly with Mung Beans

No.1 #CoolingDessert – Millet Rice Milk Jelly with Mung Beans

We know what it’s like when your mood is totally dampened by the stuffy hot weather. A cooling dessert would be lovely in moments like this and we recommend Mung Beans + Millet Rice Milk! 

This combo has the TCM benefits of
✅ detoxing & clearing heat
✅ relieving summer heat & thirst
✅ nourishing the stomach

▶ Mung beans 50g
▶ RICEPATHY Millet Rice Milk 200g
▶ Cornstarch 40g
▶ Coconut milk 200g
▶ Sugar 40g

1. Cook the mung beans until softened. To do this, heat the beans in cold water until the water boils. Then turn off the heat and allow the water to cool. Repeat the above steps for a few times until you reach the desired texture. For a more chewy texture, boil for 2 times. For a softer texture, repeat the steps for a few more times.

2. Drain the mung beans and put them aside.

3. Add cornstarch to the RICEPATHY Millet Rice Milk to thicken it up. Put this aside as well.

4. Use another pot and heat the coconut milk with sugar in low heat until the sugar melts.

5. Add the mung beans to the coconut mixture.

6. Add the Millet Rice Mixture to the Coconut mixture bit by bit. Mix well.

7. Continue to mix until the lovely concoction begins to bubble, meaning everything is now cooked and ready.

8. Pour the mixture to a container of your choice. Let it cool and store it in the fridge.
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