RICEPATHY black rice milk with a bunch of black rice

Black Rice

According to TCM, black rice is a wonderful type of grain that nourishes qi (lifeforce) and blood effectively, meaning it encourages the flow of vital fluids and energy within our bodies.


In TCM, Millet is great for removing dryness and heat while nourishing body fluids. Plus, you get to strengthen your spleen and stomach, which is essential to a healthy body.

  • RICEPATHY black rice milk with Hong Kong harbour sea background


    RICEPATHY products are certified by Organic Agriculture Europe, which guarantees that the product is produced with climate andenvironment protection in mind, respecting natural cycles and rejecting the useof chemical, synthetic and GMO products.

  • RICEPATHY and Rice


    We believe there is beauty in simplicity. That is why weonly use a maximum of 5 completely natural ingredients for our RICEPATHYdrinks: rice, cereals, sunflower oil, salt, and water. We do not use anyflavouring or preservatives, chemical additives, gluten, lactose, or GMO ingredients.

  • WHY "RICE"?

    By transforming rice into a drinkable form, RICEPATHY retains most of the nutrients in rice while making it easily digestible, meaning people who could not consume unmilled rice before could now incorporate this into their diets. 

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