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Organic Millet Rice Milk 1L

Organic Millet Rice Milk 1L

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  • RICEPATHY is vegan friendly Vegan
  • RICEPATHY is lactose freeLactose-free
  • RICEPATHY zero cholesterol Cholesterol free

Ingredients: Water, organic millet (12%), organic rice (2%), organic sunflower oil, sea salt.

Made with double organic supergrains, RICEPATHY’s Millet Rice Milk is thirst-quenching and light in texture. Millet gives the drink a hint of pleasant toastiness, complemented by the rice’s mild sweetness. In TCM, millet has been used for strengthening the kidney, stomach and spleen, clearing heat and detoxifying the body while improving digestion problems. 

- No added sugar, artificial flavours, artificial colors
- Free from gluten, soy, lactose, peanuts
- Lactose-free, no more bloating

Made in Italy. 
*Note: Make sure you don’t serve millet with almonds as these two are incompatible and may cause diarrhea or vomiting. 

Best Before Oct 2023 

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