Sweet Dumplings

Sweet Dumplings

A New Way to Eat Sweet Dumplings

The chewy pastry, the molten fillings, the warming ginger sweet soup - ending your meal with a bowl of sweet dumplings is simply so satisfying on a day that calls for family gatherings and celebrations. We’ve got an idea for you - why not try serving the sweet dumplings with black rice milk? Sweet dumplings are traditionally served with hot ginger sweet soup made from raw slab sugar. Since RICEPATHY’s #BlackRiceMilk is naturally sweet (there’s absolutely no added sugar!), replacing the ginger sweet soup with black rice milk will definitely be a healthier option. You can even switch up the dumplings with Taiwanese taro balls or even serve it cold with Japanese mochi balls for a surprising twist!

1) Better to cook the dumplings first, then add the warm black rice milk
2) To warm the black rice milk, heat it in a microwave, double boiler, or warm it directly in a pot just before it boils.

The sediments found in the product are natural and normal. 

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